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Speaker & Community Leader

Educational/Stress Management Skills/Creating Lifestyle Changes/Mental Health/
Creating Your Vision

Looking for a health & wellness expert to provide seminars or workshops for your family, friends, or company? 

Dr. Jenni is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with others so that they can achieve their visions of health and live the life of wellness that they desire. Click the button to hire her today for your group!

wellness speaker

Seminar Series to Kickstart Wellness

Seminar Series for Aging Gracefully

Seminar Series for Females

Variety of Individual Topics

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Dr. Jenni is available for single seminars or she can present a series of seminars to your group to provide massive value and education on wellness topics.

Individual seminars include:

-SMART Goal Planning

-Nutrition Basics

-Stress Management Techniques

-Finding Balance: Time Management Techniques

-Visualizations & Mental Training

-Attitude Effects on Performance & Health

-Women's Health

Seminar Series:

-Mind, Meals & Movement

-Activity, Aging, & Appetite

-Mind your Menopause: Female mind-body guide for navigating hormone changes

-Create your own series: what topics do you need addressed?

M3 seminar series
Activity, Aging & Appetite
Mind your Menopause
Create your Own Series
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