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NEW! Ironman Seminar Series begins on Monday, April 5 at 7:00 pm, Pacific Time. Join Total Intensity Sports Coaches, Jenni & John, for a monthly seminar series on everything Ironman! Join us for these interactive seminars with coach-led discussion and athlete Q&A's. Topics include: IMCA course previews, training overviews, injury prevention, strength training, hydration & fueling, recovery, mental training, overcoming injuries & obstacles, race day expectations, race weekend preparations and much more! You won't want to miss these! Register at


Mind/Body/Visualize/Nourish/Hormone Cycle Training Adaptation/Ironman

Optimize your training and raise your performance level by taking a big picture approach. This means more than simply following a training plan. It means optimizing your nutrition with quality foods and appropriate timing to fuel your body for training, performance, and recovery. It also means including mental training and strategies to get you through difficult situations (life, training, or racing). Finally, it means managing your life stress, and adjusting/adapting your training based on life stress and hormone phases if you are a woman. Don't simply go through the motions of a training plan. Create a lifestyle that supports optimal mental and physical health. Paying attention to your mind and body's needs and making small adjustments will maximize your energy, your performance, and help you to lead your best, active life!


Together we will create your individualized plan, set it into action, and realize your vision of health and wellness. 

Become empowered to live the life of wellness that you desire.

lifestyle coaching
vision board workshop
Services Offered:
  • Consultations/Check-Ins
    -Can include check-in on nutrition, stress management, goals & planning, or mental training.

    • 30-minute in-person or phone session​

    • 60-minute in-person or phone session

  • Nutrition Review & Optimization for Training

    • 30-minute in-person or phone session​

    • 60-minute in-person or phone session

  • Cycle-based Training Adjustments

    • 60-minutes ​

  • Personal Training (also includes flexibility/mobility sessions)

    • 30-minute session, in-person or virtual​

    • 60-minute session, in-person or virtual

  • Swim Lessons

    • 30-minute session, Lake Natoma​

  • Seminars, Workshops & Discussion Groups
    Topics can include: Ironman-Specific Topics, Time/Stress Management, Visualization & Goal Setting, Vision Boards, Peer-Centered discussions, and more.

-Completely Customized Packages for 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year to fit your goals and needs.

*All sessions must be pre-paid. 

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