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Become empowered to live the life of wellness that you desire.

Using a mind-body approach, your wellness journey with Dr. Jenni will focus on lifestyle changes around moving your body, managing stress, and fueling your body for success. True health and wellness comes from within and requires a well-rounded approach. Dr. Jenni's guidance, support, and knowledge will help you build confidence and make the necessary lifestyle changes to achieve your wellness dreams. 

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We focus on your daily diet, movement, stress management, and mindset with a completely individualized and flexible plan which evolves based on YOUR needs.

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I signed up with Dr. Jenni in the summer of 2019. At the time, I was 20lbs overweight and hadn’t worked out in a couple of years. Over the past five years, I’ve tried a gamut of weight loss and exercise programs, but as soon as I finish the program, I slowly gain back whatever weight I had lost.

Since I signed up with Total Wellness, it has been the best training program I've ever experienced! There is truly a balance of a great workout program and healthy eating habits. Learning to live healthy through Dr. Jenni’s program has been a fun learning experience. Her weekly “Words for Wellness & Motivation” videos is very engaging. She also provides great handouts and materials to assist you in your “living healthy” journey. Through eating healthy and exercising (not dieting), I have lost over half of the extra weight I’ve gained, drastically lowered my blood pressure, and completed a bunch of goals I set out for myself while on her program. I totally recommend Dr. Jenni to everyone who is ready to make a healthy lifestyle change for themselves. She is an excellent support on all levels, but at the same time, still holds you accountable. Her wellness and training program has far surpassed my expectations!


Dr. Jenni understands the importance of being in nature as a training and mental health tool. Her workouts along the American River Parkway near her office are both energizing and calming. I trust Dr. Jenni to push me safely so I don’t get hurt as I’m getting stronger. 100% recommend her!


Dr. Jenni creates the workout you need that builds your strength, increases your confidence and pushes you to do more than you think possible. She is the BEST!


The personal training with Jenni is amazing! We did a workout on the bike trail and it was so enjoyable to workout outside. I learned a lot of new exercises and proper technique. She gave me a tracking sheet and sent me more information on each exercise so I can continue to do it on my own. I highly recommend Jenni for personal training.


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What are you waiting for?

You only get one body. Nourish it with nutrients, give it time and space to move, and allow yourself daily time for gratitude or nature therapy. 

Your mind and body will thank you.


Contact Dr. Jenni to get start your wellness journey today! 

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